Luxury Asset Pro is a Joint Venture Initiative between YAD Global Advisors Ltd. & Tectonics Family Office.

We have been guiding & facilitating non-bank loans secured by Real Assets since 2011. Together, with our other partners, we help private individuals Unlock Value & Equity from their Luxury Assets to be used for various reasons. We also help business owners, Professional athletes and high ranking company officers Leverage the Value of their Personal & Business Assets for the same purpose. We do this in the most Professional and Discreet ways possible.

Some individuals may be Asset rich but cash poor on a short term basis, and this is where we can help the most. We provide short term loans from six months to over seven years or more to bridge that gap. We facilitate such loans on High Value Luxury Assets, as well as on some Business Assets.

We fill the gap where traditional bank loan facilities fail. Traditional bank processes may be too long, too invasive, and in many cases, just non-existent. It is done on the basis of understanding Real Asset valuation and maximising the loan request on a Loan to Value basis without taking on additional and unnecessary risk. This also reduces the potential borrowing cost to a bare minimum.

We do not have a one loan fits all type of facility. We listen to our clients needs and requirements and we then provide a tailor made loan. We use both internal as well as external experts where needed, depending on the asset type.

What are the services we provide?