How Easy Is It To Borrow Using My Luxury Assets?

Are you looking to get a loan online?  There are times in life when we need to find a little extra money.  These times can be when we have an unexpected emergency, or when a business opportunity presents itself and we have to strike then.  Quick cash loans are often easy to find at a pawn shop, but these money lenders usually charge outrageous rates, or they will not value your diamond ring or art for sale at the value you expect.

If you need money now, and want a loan against property, these kinds of loans can be easy to obtain online.  There is no need to risk your safety going to the bad part of town where you are not even certain that you can obtain a loan against your high value Luxury Asset, luxury automobile, or rare diamonds because pawn shops may not even want the particular item you have for sale because they cannot afford to lend that much.  

There is generally a simple 5 step process that every Luxury Asset must go through, so that you can get your instant cash loan.  These steps are quick because these are no credit check loans.

Step 1 You send Luxury Asset Pro your loan application for the item and we review it. 

Step 2 :We then do our speedy due diligence process to ensure the assets’ authenticity, ownership and legal position.

Step 3 :We then send you an offer pending an expert appraisal.

Step 4 :The appraisal is done, documents are signed, and the items are stored as agreed.

Step 5 :You receive your loan into your account via wire transfer.

It is that easy.  If you choose to stop the process at any point you can.  All of these steps are done in a discrete manner; we care deeply about your privacy therefore we work directly with you to do everything.  

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We accept many different Luxury Assets. Some you may or may not have thought of, you can always contact us and ask if we will take your Luxury Asset or property if it is not listed here.  It is better to check now than to let more time pass.

Contact one of our great consultants at Luxury Asset Pro now and they will get you the loan you need.

Opportunistic Borrowing to Increase Your Wealth Using Your Luxury Assets

Do you have an investment which you need to raise funds for?  Does your business need a loan that you either cannot get from your bank or through other business channels?  Usually these kinds of opportunities come once in a life time, and you need to take advantage of them when they happen.  You may have a big order you need to fill, or a chance to buy a property that you can flip and will net a huge return.  Whatever the great opportunity may be, do you have a high value Luxury Asset that could be used as collateral for that investment?  Jewelry or Art are usually these kinds of items, maybe a piece of property or a Luxury Car?

In simple investing terms you may want to borrow against one Luxury Asset to make an investment in another Luxury Asset.  There are two instances where this type of transaction makes the most sense.  

  1. When the return value of your investment is so great that the loan you take is more than paid for with the returns of that investment.
  2. When the time you need to get the deal done is short and you just need some sort of bridge loan to make sure you get the investment taken care of until the return comes in.

In these situations sometimes you cannot turn to a bank.  Either your line of credit is not available for such a bridge loan.  Maybe your bank needs to go through its own due diligence process, and that will take too long for you to be able to take advantage of your opportunity.  Either way you are out in the cold.

You need that money faster than a bank can even provide it.  In this situation you should take one of your high value Luxury Assets and use it to obtain the funds needed when that money is necessary.  

Most banks will not provide you funds on a painting or some jewelry, and even if you could find one that will, they will require an extensive appraisal process and credit check, just doing the check can hurt your credit score, and they will also not guarantee you will even receive the amount you require.  In this situation it is better to turn to a company that has been doing these unique and specific kinds of loans for many years, who can provide you with a valuable loan on your Luxury Asset.  Luxury Asset Pro can provide borrowing terms from between six months and even up to seven or more, against many Luxury Assets, if needed.  Some of these can include title loans on luxury or classic vehicles, loans on yachts, high end watches and other jewelry, or even special musical instruments.  

The application and approval process is very quick, and you will know what your asset is worth in a short time, not requiring an extensive credit check, and getting the required funds as soon as possible.  

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