Borrowing Money Using Your Rare Diamonds as Collateral

Do you have any rare diamonds?  Rare diamonds are a very good form of Luxury Asset for collateral when you need to get a loan or borrow money at the best loan rates.  This can be for any reason, it is really up to you.  It can either be that you need the money to pay other debts, or maybe you have an opportunity and a limited amount of time and therefore cannot find the money through other means in the allowed time.  

These are called collateralized loans.  Besides loans on rare diamonds these types of loans can be made with other Luxury Assets including precious metals or rare art.  

If you are considering leveraging your rare diamonds or other luxury asset as collateral, this is a very simple process and is preferable to taking another route.  We have found that some rare diamond owners will try to go to a pawn shop or other money lenders first, before they come to us.  What they find when they do this is that often times they wasted their valuable time with their Luxury Assets.  This is because most pawn shops are unable to evaluate rare diamonds properly, especially Fancy Color Diamonds.  They will just check the carat weight of the diamond and then first make a low ball offer, and second they will charge a very high interest rate.  

If you go to a jewelry store they may consider buying your diamond from you, assuming they are interested in it but they will not normally make a loan on a diamond, which is what you are searching for.  Again they also assume you don’t know what you have, and so they will offer you a low number.

You shouldn’t sell your diamond or any other collectible for that matter when you are under pressure, especially if you can easily work with us at Luxury Asset Pro.  You can obtain a short term loan to fulfil your current financial needs, or if you need to take a longer term loan that can be up to 7 years or more depending on the Luxury Asset you have.

It is important that you deal with a company that is both discrete and reputable; these attributes are sometimes hard to find in an online loan business.  The team at Luxury Asset Pro has been helping its clients since 2011 with all of their loan needs.  

You may be wondering what kind of diamonds are the most valuable, and what about the one that you have.  Diamonds that are either already mounted or not are always valuable.  There are two things that can make a diamond more valuable.  First is if it has a GIA certificate with it, it is more sought after.  The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is an independent, non-profit organization.  Started in 1953, the GIA is considered the world’s foremost authority in gemology.   Their diamond grading system is recognized as an accepted standard worldwide.  This is where the “4Cs” comes from.  

The second important thing is if a rare diamond has “provenance”, or “where the diamond comes from?” 

Luxury Asset Pro  is able to provide its specialised diamond appraisal service that will end up providing you with the best loan to value (LTV).  What’s more because we do such good business we are able to provide the lowest interest rates possible in the industry for our clients.  The loan process is done in a 100% discrete way, only you will be dealing directly with us and our team of appraisers and loan fulfilment.  When you choose to do business with us we are able to provide you with a no credit check loan that is orchestrated through our proven process that is fast, safe and is of no risk to your good (or even less good) credit rating.

If you have other Luxury Assets that you would prefer to use as your collateral for your loan there are several that we accept.  We recommend that you contact us and you can have a private conversation with us to discuss options.  

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