The Generation of today, is the future of Tomorrow!

We have a social responsibility towards our community; from the young that are 8 to the elderly that are 88. We have a duty to help those in need, like those who have lived through the Coronavirus where many lost their jobs and lived on food stamps. We must all get together and help build schools and make a difference in people’s lives.

We support many causes in various areas. We contribute a portion of our profits to these causes. We have already helped open a school in 2018. The first year there were just over 80 kids attending the school. In September 2019 those numbers jumped to over 200!

We had various activities for the youth (13-17) that come from various social backgrounds; a once a week evening activities. The first week we had 3 youths, but by the 6th week we almost hit 40 kids!

During the holiday season, we participate in food baskets, as well as gift cards to purchase various items needed by the families. In 2019 we helped over 120 people!

We Need your help in growing these efforts by either using our services or direct contribution. When using our services you either let us choose how to use your money, or alternatively, you can guide us to contribute your portion into a specific area that you cherish most.

The power is in your hands to contribute to society and help grow a COMMUNITY.