The process is quite simple and easy to follow. Our main objective is to get you the loan approved and disbursed as quickly as possible.

We therefore simplify the process into a few short steps.

info gathering

Step 1 :

We start by collecting and reviewing the information you sent us in regards to the loan application as well as the details of the asset.

due diligence

Step 2 :

We then proceeded to the Due Diligence process to ensure the assets’  authenticity, ownership as well as legal position.

process step 3

Step 3 :

The next step would be to send you an official loan offer pending the physical review of the asset by a designated expert for that asset for a final valuation or appraisal.

Open Bank Vault Door

Step 4 :

The evaluation is done and documents are signed, we then proceed to  secure and store the asset according to the requirements and agreed upon with you

process step 5

Step 5 :

The final step will be the disbursement of your loan into your account.

All of the above are done in a discreetly and simplified manner.


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