Borrowing Money Using Your Luxury Yacht As Collateral

No matter what you need for borrowing is, be it you have found your dream home but are struggling to raise the funds to purchase it quickly in this hot market, or there is a tax bill that needs to be paid and you don’t want to liquidate assets that are quickly increasing in value during a bull market.  These and several other situations are perfect for when you want to obtain a loan using your luxury yacht as collateral.

Luxury Asset lending is possible using valuable items, such as luxury or classic cars, jewelry, artwork, gold or silver bullion and coins, and yes yachts.  This is particularly popular among business owners as well as asset-rich but cash-challenged individuals looking for the best loan rates.

There are several companies that have popped up to provide loans to clients but only a few have been around as long as we have at Luxury Asset Pro which is nearly a decade in this business.  We have dealt with clients with all sorts of Luxury Assets from all over the world.  

Luxury yachts are good assets to put up as collateral because they are easier to validate as genuine, the ownership can be determined quickly, and many of them may even be increasing in value as time passes.  This means that you are able to get the best possible loan terms because any potential risk faced in making the loan and its repayment may be lower than with some other Luxury Assets.

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Luxury Asset Pro understands that our clients are wealthy individuals who demand discretion and therefore we put this first.  We also provide quick expert valuations of your yacht, no matter where it is kept, as well as a tailored service that can potentially get you the funds you need in the shortest amount of time possible.  There is no credit check run and therefore this service does not result in any credit footprint.  So if you have stellar credit or bad credit a transaction with Luxury Asset Pro will not be effected by that. 

Many of our clients are using the funds from their yachts backed loans to close property deals, make a quick investment, or pay their tax bill.  We often deal with clients that have irregular or semi-regular cash flow, for example, a lottery winner who is waiting for their yearly payout.  You may have access to bank debt and by using your Luxury Asset you can top-up your cash flow.

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Luxury Asset Pro understands that our clients want more imaginative ways to help them buy a property by borrowing against their existing Luxury Assets.  

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We will put you in contact with an appraiser to verify the ownership of your vessel and they will then provide you with a valuation as well as the amount of the Loan To Value (LTV).  If your boat is appraised at $10,000,000 and your LTV is 50% you can obtain a loan of up to $5,000,000.  Every yacht is different and your LTV will depend on the particular yacht you have.  You may also request a line of credit on this valuation to lower the monthly interest owed to only the amount of the line used.

If the asset, during the loan term which is usually between 6 months to seven years (depending on your needs), has fallen in value, Luxury Asset Pro becomes more exposed and no additional funds are requested from you, which makes it crucial that assets are valued correctly in the first place.  

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After you receive your offer, up until you sign the paperwork, you are under no obligation to move forward.  If the LTV is not enough for your needs and you have other items of value, you can add those to reach the value needed.  When you apply you can submit all items for valuation to help in your decision process.  

Luxury Asset Pro interest rates are extremely competitive in the industry, and much better than could be obtained with an unsecured loan.  Your yacht will be stored in a secured and professional facility. There may be some restrictions to access it, and it cannot be removed.  During the term of the loan you will always remain the owner of the yacht unless there is nonpayment of the loan.

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Borrowing Money Using Your Luxury Car As Collateral

Many borrowers who contact us are under the impression that they can only receive a loan on a brand new car, but that is not the case.  If you own a classic Ford, Pontiac Chevrolet, Mercedes, or Italian Sports car and you found yourself needing a loan for your business, yourself, or your family, Luxury Asset Pro can help you when you need a quick and discrete loan now.


In many situations you may not be able to get the money from a traditional lender like a bank.   They have a long approval process and more stringent qualification requirements than many people can afford.  Luxury Asset Pro has been helping clients obtain asset based lending for a while now.  Our customers come from all walks of life and in all financial situations.  We don’t do credit checks so we deal with people who may have various credit situations, or constantly changing income due to self-employment. Luxury Asset Pro is able to approve customers with their loan amounts very quickly. In fact we don’t know what credit situation our clients have, since it is not a requirement for obtaining the loan. 


As long as you can show legal ownership of the vehicle and identification we can approve you for a loan on your Classic or Luxury car.  Luxury Asset Pro has funds clients with many diverse circumstances in the past and we may be able to help you too.

Luxury Asset Pro can make loans on new or old luxury cars and our goal is to get clients out of a tough financial situation.  With your auto, you can use this treasured asset to do so.  


We understand that your car is your baby.  You may have dreamed of this car since childhood and so we will keep it in a professional and secured storage facility.  Owners of vintage or classic cars would never consider selling the car that they care so much for, but in times of great need anyone’s mind can wonder to consider the most drastic measures to fix their situation.  We want you to keep your vehicle and will provide you with the best loan terms we can offer.  There is no need to lose your beloved vintage car to a title pawn service with outrageous rates.


Getting a loan from Luxury Asset Pro on your classic car may be the best option if you are looking to borrow a higher amount, classic cars are often worth more than your everyday vehicle. If you own more than one car, you can even apply with all of them to find out which one might be able to qualify for the highest amount of money for your loan, or simply use all of them as collateral, depending on your situation and urgent capital needs.

We have make loans on various cars such as classic Cadillacs, Buicks, Mercedes, Jaguars, Corvettes, Ferraris, and more.

We use the equity in your classical and luxury automobile as collateral against the amount being loaned. As long as your automobile has value, it doesn’t matter what type it is.  That includes any luxury or classic car.  Classic cars can hold and even gain value which makes them prime options for loans.  The rates we will charge are much lower than that of a title loan company that is in the business of short term loans and eventually they get your car.


We want you to keep your car, so we loan you money for six months to several years if needed which is a much better solution for many classic car owners because it means they don’t have to sell their prized asset when they need money.  You get your classic car back that you have invested so much in over the years, but still receive assistance during your time of need.  If you have unexpected bills or a financial emergency to deal with, before you put your car up for sale, talk to Luxury Asset Pro first to get the money you need. 

The process is very simple you just begin by applying and Luxury Asset Pro professionals will walk you step by step through the entire process.  Your vehicle will be babied while it is in the storage facility and in most cases you will have access to it (for example to be viewed for a sale to pay the loan) but cannot take it out of the facility.  


Once you have your loan and are ready to pay it back, you can either make payments as scheduled or are welcome to pay back what you owe early.  This means that you can pay back the loan much earlier than planned, and save substantial amounts of money by avoiding any additional interest.  Or you can set up a line of credit on the vehicle, so that you only borrow what you need at a specific time.

Luxury Asset Pro is committed to making sure that all of our customers are properly informed so as to make the best decision possible.

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Borrowing Money Using your Rare Art as Collateral

There are times in life when we need to obtain a loan for something, and time is of the essence.  When you have art you can use it as collateral for an equity loan.  Online secured personal loans are fast and easy.  The reason is that there is no credit check required when you use art as your collateral.  There are several advantages to using art in this way.  You can Increase your liquidity from the value of your art collection.  There are no extensive bank checks, which take a long time, nor are any inquiries into your credit performed.  The terms which you pay are flexible, and compared to other financing options the interest rates are competitive.  Your liability is strictly limited to the artworks that you put up as collateral, not against any other assets.  The size of the loan is dependent on the value of the item you have for collateral, this can be from up to a few millions of Dollars.  When you do the inquiry this process is free and so is the initial valuation of your item(s) and you are under no obligation to move forward.  

Limited Liability

A non-recourse loan with Luxury Asset Pro uses your works of art as the only collateral.  What this means is that your artwork is the sole guarantee of the loan.  There are no further credit checks needed.  Also we will not forward any of your personal data to a third party.  Your privacy is of utmost importance to us.  This also means that there is no personal liability.  You, the borrower, must be the legal owner of the artwork.  You should be able to provide proof of ownership of said artwork as well as the ability to provide your proof of identity.  

Asset Valuations 

The appraisal process makes loans quick and easy.  Valuation of your Luxury Asset is performed by a professional appraiser; there is no involvement of either an auction house or an art dealer.  Your work of art will be given a reselling appraisal.  You will then be able to borrow a percentage of this appraisal.  This will be your LTV ( Loan To Value).  

Care and Professional Storage of Your Artwork During The Loan Term

Your artwork will be professionally stored in a specialist art storage facility.  In most cases at the request of the borrower this can be in the closest major city that has a proper facility.  The art will be stored under the loan financier’s name.  During the term of the loan, the artwork can be accessed by the borrower for the purpose of sale to pay off the loan, but the artwork must stay in the possession of the facility and cannot be removed.

Loan Terms

The term of your loan is flexible depending on your needs, usually terms of as little as six months to seven or more years are available depending on the artwork.  Interest rates depend both on the artwork as well as the length of the loan.  In the event that the term is exceeded, the agreement can be extended, often at the same terms and conditions upon request.  When the loan including all interest has been paid, the work of art will be returned.  There are no hidden fees.  Luxury Asset Pro pays all costs of appraisal and examination, storage and insurance while at the storage facility, the customer can arrange transport to an art storage facility of his or her choice.

Luxury Asset Pro has a powerful network of discrete partners who are not present in the art market.  We can provide loans worldwide that are not available elsewhere.

Non Repayment of Loan

In the event that a loan is not extended and the loan is not paid as agreed, the artwork will be put up for public auction at the earliest convenience or may be sold in a private sale.

If through this auction or private sale additional proceeds are generated after all costs have been deducted (appraisal, loan, interest, sale and auction fees etc.) then these proceeds will be paid to the borrower.  It is in the interest of all parties to obtain the highest sale returns.  

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Borrowing money using your Rare Watches as Collateral

When we get a rare watch it is often an item of prize for us.  Either we get it to show that we have made it, or we get it as a special gift for some achievement or occasion.  A gold Rolex is usually the quintessential Luxury Watch that most people think of when they think of a rare watch.  If you are into watches, Rolexes are just the beginning.  One of the best things about rare watches is that as a Luxury Asset they will often times hold or even increase their value.  It does all depend on the watch and older ones seem to do so.  

The benefit of this particular attribute is that rare watches can be used as collateral when you are in need of an instant cash loan.  If you are saying, “I need money now” then your watch is probably one of the best ways to get that money.  A luxury Watch is an item that is desired by many, and has a good value to it.  This is exactly the kind of item that can be used to make a quick loan and used as collateral.  Similar to a gold bar, or a classic car the value is not going to ever go down much and will always be desired.

For years watches have held a special place for collectors.  Watch collecting has even developed its own word horology.  There are several brands of watches that are desired by horologists besides Rolex.

The 10 most expensive watch brands in order are the following:

  1. Jaeger LeCoultre
  2. Breguet
  3. Blancpain
  4. Louis Moinet
  5. Audemars Piguet
  6. Piaget
  7. Roger Dubuis
  8. Patek Philippe
  9. Vacheron Constantin
  10. A. Lange & Sohne

Any watches made by these makers are very desirable, the cheapest in this list will retail for around $4000.  There are some other brands that are also desired when trying to get a loan on them.  

Cartier, Baume & Mercier, Ulysse Nardin, Longines, IWC, Parmigiani Fleurier, Tudor, Omega, Tag Heuer, Panerai, Hublot, and Breitling just to name a few.  If you have a rare watch and it is not on this list you should contact us and find out what kind of offer you can obtain.  

If you wish to obtain a loan on your Luxury Watch it is a simple process.  All you have to do to begin is to contact us.  From there we will work directly with you taking you down the path so that you can get your money as quickly as possible.  One nice thing about the secured loan is that there is no credit check required.  This is good for two reasons.  First it allows the process to go faster and you will receive your payment quickly an then second with no credit check your good credit will not be lowered with a hard report and if you have a lesser good credit it will not matter to us and you can get your money anyway.  You win either way.  

Another nice thing is that when you work with us you are working with a company that has been in business since 2011.  We have been providing financing to our clients from all over the world since then.  We understand this business very well and know what our clients want.  You can rest assured that your watch will first, be taken care of the way you would want it to be, second, we will be discrete with our dealings with you.  Only members of our appraisal and loan team will be in direct contact with you.  No one else will know your dealings.  You will receive the best offer for your item and finally the lowest interest rate possible on your loan that we can provide.  

The Luxury Asset Pro team is here to help you.  If you have any questions, you have already decided that you want to get the process going, or you want to at least find out what we can offer you for your Luxury Watch, all you have to do is follow the link provided below and we will either answer any questions you have, or professionally help you with the entire process.  

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How Easy Is It To Borrow Using My Luxury Assets?

Are you looking to get a loan online?  There are times in life when we need to find a little extra money.  These times can be when we have an unexpected emergency, or when a business opportunity presents itself and we have to strike then.  Quick cash loans are often easy to find at a pawn shop, but these money lenders usually charge outrageous rates, or they will not value your diamond ring or art for sale at the value you expect.

If you need money now, and want a loan against property, these kinds of loans can be easy to obtain online.  There is no need to risk your safety going to the bad part of town where you are not even certain that you can obtain a loan against your high value Luxury Asset, luxury automobile, or rare diamonds because pawn shops may not even want the particular item you have for sale because they cannot afford to lend that much.  

There is generally a simple 5 step process that every Luxury Asset must go through, so that you can get your instant cash loan.  These steps are quick because these are no credit check loans.

Step 1 You send Luxury Asset Pro your loan application for the item and we review it. 

Step 2 :We then do our speedy due diligence process to ensure the assets’ authenticity, ownership and legal position.

Step 3 :We then send you an offer pending an expert appraisal.

Step 4 :The appraisal is done, documents are signed, and the items are stored as agreed.

Step 5 :You receive your loan into your account via wire transfer.

It is that easy.  If you choose to stop the process at any point you can.  All of these steps are done in a discrete manner; we care deeply about your privacy therefore we work directly with you to do everything.  

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We accept many different Luxury Assets. Some you may or may not have thought of, you can always contact us and ask if we will take your Luxury Asset or property if it is not listed here.  It is better to check now than to let more time pass.

Contact one of our great consultants at Luxury Asset Pro now and they will get you the loan you need.